Sense and Sensibility Book Study

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The story of the Dashwood sisters is one of the most well-known stories written by Jane Austen. Their story begins with losing their father and their journey of living life without him and the only home they’ve ever known. This Sense and Sensibility Book Study will allow your students the opportunity to take a closer look at each of the characters as they read the book. 

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The Sense and Sensibility Book Study Pack contains questions that you can use as discussion topics if you’re watching the movie together or your students can complete them on their own. 

There are several different styles of paper included designed to give you the most flexibility to customize the study to your students.

Sense and Sensibility is similar to Pride and Prejudice, but should not be skipped over merely for that reason. Once upon a time, without a male heir, a father’s home and the land were passed on to the closest male relative, this book tells the story of what that looks like to a family with only daughters. 

The writings of Jane Austen are classics that should be included in every homeschool library. While everyone will not love all of her books, she did write at least one book that all can enjoy. 

From time to time you’ll find new resources based on Jane Austen’s books, including book and movie studies to use in your homeschool. 

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