Star Wars Challenge

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Our family loves Star Wars. However, we disagree on which trilogy is the best. My husband and I love the originals. While Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are our kids’ favorite. It is our love for these movies that encouraged me to use them for educational purposes, like this Star Wars Challenge.

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One thing that our family does agree with regarding Star Wars is that while the newest movies are decent, they don’t measure up to either of the previous trilogies. 

I do love BB8. Which isn’t surprising given the fact that R2D2 and C3PO are two of my favorite characters. 

Challenging my kids is an important part of our homeschooling journey. 

I’ve never been afraid of giving my children books or curriculum that wasn’t their exact “grade level”. 

They’ve learned to pull out a dictionary when they happen upon words that are new to them. 

Our encyclopedias have helped them learn about new things. 

Life can be challenging. It is important that our children learn that while in our home. This enables us to be able to guide and direct them before they face them on their own. 

The best way to challenge kids? Find (or create!) challenges that feature things that interest them! 

I believe that making educational resources fun is essential. Learning shouldn’t always be work. There are times that it can’t be avoided, but if at all possible. Make learning fun. 

Star Wars fans are certain to have fun completing the challenges found on this calendar. 

Inside this Star Wars Challenge Calendar, your children will be busy reading, writing, building and more!

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