Star Wars Checkers

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Finding strategy games that everyone can play can be a challenge. Sometimes the old games that have all but been forgotten are best. This Star Wars Checkers game is a fun strategy game that all ages can enjoy! 

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My son has loved strategy games since he was a young boy. When he was little I could keep up with him by playing games like checkers and chess. Since he’s reached high school, I have had a harder time playing games like Pandemic, Suburbia and Risk

Thankfully he is gracious and allows us to play easier strategy games that I can enjoy and not get a headache from. A few of my favorites are Carcassonne, Stratego Conquest, Archipelago and Catan.

When we have the opportunity to visit my parents or brothers, he really enjoys playing board games because my dad and brothers enjoy all things strategy as he does. 

This is a simple, fun strategy game that you can play with your Star Wars fans! Simply print, cut apart the pieces, laminate all of the pieces and the board and you’re ready to play Star Wars Checkers!

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