Star Wars Day Homeschool Style

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It is easy to turn traditional holidays into a homeschool day by learning about the history of the holiday, but fun, silly holidays are often neglected as educational opportunities. We love Star Wars, so when May the 4th Be with You/Star Was Day comes each year we spend the entire day having fun and learning to celebrate!

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The beauty of homeschooling is that we have the ability to make nearly everything educational! Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity and planning, but I don’t think I’ve found one theme or holiday that can’t be part of our homeschooling journey. That being said, I’ve put together a few ideas to help you celebrate Star Wars Day!

7  Ways for Homeschoolers to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Make Star Wars themed Snacks

I love getting my kids in the kitchen with me, but it isn’t always easy. On Star Wars, May the 4th Be With You Day, it isn’t hard to do though because we always have fun!

One of my friends gifted my son with the book, Ice Sabers: 30 Chilled Treats Using the Force of Your Freezer, a few years ago. It often makes an appearance for our Star Wars Day fun!

There are also fun Star Wars Cookbooks filled with lots of recipes to make your May the 4th Be With You Day snacks delicious!

The best part of making snacks first on Star Wars day? You’ll be able to enjoy them while you…

Watch the Star Wars Movies

There are only 24 hours in a day, so typically each of us choose one movie to watch on Star Wars Day. Otherwise, we wouldn’t get to enjoy any of the other fun May the 4th Be With You Day activities.

Play Educational Star Wars Games

I believe that playing educational games with your kids is an essential part of their education. They learn so much from them that they won’t from textbooks or worksheets. So, we always play their favorite Star Wars games as part of our May the 4th Be With You Day celebration.


Read Star Wars Books

When my kids were younger we used to curl up on the couch and read their favorite Star Wars storybooks today. Now that they are teenagers, on Star Wars day they enjoy reading their favorite Star Wars books before bed.

My brother recommended quite a few new Star Wars books to me, so I’ll likely be tackling Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Triology on May the 4th Be With You Day.

Create Star Wars Crafts

Each year I choose a new Star Wars craft for each of my kids to create. I am creative in certain ways, but designing arts and crafts aren’t really my forte. So, I rely on Pinterest to find new ones every year.

My son enjoys origami, so this year he’ll be using these fun video tutorials to create his favorite Star Wars characters on Star Wars Day. While my daughter will create Star Wars String Art using the free templates and instructions here. I love to cross stitch, so I am probably going to start working on a few of these to give my teens as Christmas gifts.

Use Star Wars Printables

Since starting my blog here I’ve created new Star Wars educational printables each year because we love Star Wars so much. We’ve use them all in our home and this year I’m excited to have them using these Star Wars Character Analysis Worksheets that I just created.

My favorite Star Wars printables that I’ve designed are the Star Wars Quotes Packs. The full packs contain 100 of the most famous Star Wars quotes for your kids to practice their handwriting! (manuscript and cursive options are available!)

Additional Star Wars Educational Activities

This year we’re going to be doing something a bit different (and my kids don’t even know yet!). Each of them will be writing a paper on their Star Wars movie choice.

I’ll be looking for them to share…

  • What they love most about that particular movie
  • The character(s) that made the most impact on them and why
  • The good vs. evil themes found in the movie

If you’d like additional activities to make Star Wars Day fun for your homeschool, I have a dedicated Star Wars Day Homeschool Fun Pinterest board just for you!

What are your family’s favorite Star Wars Day activities?

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