Stop the Homeschool Comparisons

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It’s so easy for homeschool moms to get sucked into homeschool comparisons. We see countless pins, blog post titles and Instagram shots telling us why this homeschool method is best, how to have the perfect homeschool day and what the perfect homeschool curriculum is for this year. Yet, we forget that often the pictures and blog posts reveal the best of homeschool days and not the bad or the difficult ones.

Stop the Homeschool Comparisons - By Misty Leask

Have you ever taken time to wonder what their rough homeschool days look like or were you too lost in comparing their one picture perfect homeschool day to all of your homeschool days?

Each homeschool journey is unique because each family is and we must stop the homeschool comparisons if we are to successfully educate our children. When we take time away from our homeschool to compare it to someone else’s we’re losing focus on our own homeschool, taking precious time away from our children and not being content with the blessings in our home and homeschool.

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Homeschooling is a high calling, one that takes an amazing amount of courage, dedication and strength. We must stay focused on our own homeschool journey if we are to finish well. This requires that we leave behind all homeschool comparisons. 

There will be homeschool days that are more stellar than others, for every single homeschool family. It is important that we always remember this truth when we find ourselves comparing our homeschool to another.

The next time that you begin to compare your homeschool to someone else’s, take time to remember a recent good homeschool day in your home and remember the joy, wonder and blessing it was to you and your family! Then take a moment to remember how blessed you are to have the opportunity to homeschool your children because there are many moms who would love to, but are unable to for one reason or another.

Our children deserve the best we can give them. They need us to be passionate about their love of learning and their education. Homeschool comparisons take away from our passion and we end up giving less than our best to our homeschool and our children. 

Instead of comparing your homeschool to another, try looking for ways you could improve your own. A new planning schedule may be just what you need or a different homeschool method may be perfect for you, while unschooling or lapbooking may not be great for your homeschool.

It’s time that we start looking at other homeschool ideas as opportunities and choices. If we aren’t happy with our homeschool or we know that our kids need something more (or less) for their education then we need to take steps to change what needs changing and nothing more.

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Remember Cinderella’s glass slipper? It only fit her perfectly. No matter how hard anyone else tried to make it fit they just couldn’t. It was only perfect for her. 

Take time to discover what your children want to learn about and how they learn best, then make the changes that your homeschool needs until you find the perfect fit.

It’s important to never forget that we all continue to grow, so always be ready and willing to make changes when necessary as your children grow. If you take time to learn how to always see homeschool ideas from others as opportunities, then you’ll be able to steer clear of the dangers that come with homeschool comparisons.

How do you keep homeschool comparisons from affecting you and your family’s homeschool journey?

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