20+ Summer Volunteer Ideas

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While you may have put the books away, there are many summer volunteer ideas to keep your kids busy learning, growing and serving. 

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It is usually during the high school years that many parents and teens start thinking about volunteer opportunities. 

However, in my opinion, parents should start instilling a servant’s heart and mind into their children at a much earlier age.

Volunteering should not just be something that is done to simply fill in a line on a high school transcript.

There are countless ways for us to teach our children to give back to our communities. Many of which require only a commitment of your time. 

From a very young age, I had my children helping serve others in several different ways including…

  • Cleaning our church
  • Serving at the local food bank
  • Walking new arrivals at our local humane society
  • Putting away library books 

We didn’t receive any substantial recognition nor any pay for any of these tasks. However, they made a difference in the lives of others and that is what matters most. 

Oftentimes it is the lessons our children learn outside of the “classroom” that grow them the most. 

Don’t be afraid to shorten your children’s time in textbooks in exchange for serving and helping others in need. 

During the summertime, many people go out of town and get busy doing their own things.

That makes it the perfect time to step up and fill some volunteer positions. 

20+ Summer Volunteer Ideas

  • Library book shelving
  • Lawn mowing for the elderly
  • Serving food at the homeless shelter
  • Walking dogs at the humane society/rescue
  • Clean up roadside trash
  • Singing or reading books at the nursing home
  • Planting flowers in a park
  • Putting together homeless bags (toothbrush/toothpaste, socks, granola bars, food gift cards, warm hat, etc.)
  • Clean your church building
  • Go grocery shopping for the homebound 
  • Serve at your local food bank
  • Collect backpacks and clothes for kids in foster care
  • Run a food drive
  • Host a fundraiser car wash or bake sale
  • Donate toys and stuffed animals to the fire department or hospital
  • Sign up to be a counselor at a local summer camp
  • Organize a coat drive
  • Offer free babysitting for a family in need
  • Make birthday and get-well cards for the local hospital/nursing home
  • Help with Vacation Bible School
  • Clean up a local beach
  • Create a community garden

As you can see, not all of these summer volunteer ideas are only applicable in the summertime.

However, trying out one or a few over the summer can help you and your kids figure out where/what their heart is drawn towards. 

Once summer is over, your children will know which volunteer opportunity/opportunities they would like to continue with throughout the upcoming homeschool year. 

This summer teach your children to…

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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