Homeschool Mom Confession: I Don’t Teach Every Subject

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As homeschool moms, we face many questions regarding our choice to homeschool our children. A couple that I was posed early on were, “How are you going to teach every subject? Do you know enough to cover them all?” Honestly, these questions surprised me. I hadn’t considered that as a homeschool mom I would be expected to know every single subject inside and out. It was even more shocking when it was implied that because I didn’t “know it all” how was I supposed to teach my children? 

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Thankfully I don’t scare easily. These questions didn’t keep me from homeschooling my children, rather, they encouraged me to show exactly how amazing homeschooling can be…even though I don’t know it all. 

When children are young it is fairly easy to teach all the subjects. Science is about animals and plants, Math is simply the adding of 123s, Handwriting is all about practice and Art is just messy

However, as children get older the subjects increase in quantity and intensity. You go from teaching the “fun” stuff to finding yourself deep into historical conquests that you don’t remember and mathematical equations you realize you haven’t ever really used.

There will likely come a time when, as a homeschool mom, you remember a question you were asked a long time ago, “How are you going to teach it all?”. 

It is likely when you recall that question that you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re failing your kids. I did. There will be tears. And fears. Then, you’ll be reminded that no one knows it all. That even teachers in other school settings are assigned subjects that aren’t their forte. 

Homeschooling isn’t about knowing it all. It is about giving your children the best education possible. While you may not know exactly what that looks like every step of your homeschooling journey, as your children’s mother, you are willing to do whatever it takes. 

For every homeschool mom, “whatever it takes” looks different. Some homeschool moms choose to learn alongside their children throughout their entire journey, teaching every single subject, every single year. 

That isn’t what my homeschool mom journey looks like. Often I wish it could, but God had different plans for us when He gave us our family business. So, it is a tremendous blessing that I taught my children to be independent learners at a young age because…

Homeschool mom confession…I don’t teach every subject. 

It is true. I don’t teach my children every subject and haven’t for quite some time. 

There is an enormous amount of homeschool curricula available now. Many of which are accessible through online courses and digital format. We began using digital curriculum in our homeschool several years ago and it has been a God-send, truly. 

I am not a mathematician. That is the subject that has brought me the most anxiety throughout our entire homeschooling journey. However, it was the first subject that I chose not to teach my children when they reached 6th grade. 

It is important to know your limitations as a homeschool mom and be willing to outsource when needed. It does not mean you’re a failure. You do not have to send your kids to a public or private school just because you come across something you don’t know. 

When this happens you have two choices. You can, 1) use those opportunities to encourage your children to learn something new by doing so yourself or 2) teach them that it is ok to ask for help by outsourcing through an online course, digital or textbook resources. 

You don’t have to teach every subject to be a great homeschool mom. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. 

What subject(s) do you not teach in your homeschool?




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