10 Ways to Take Art Outdoors

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The weather is starting to get nice here in Wisconsin and since we never know how long it will last we’re spending as much time as we can outdoors. With summer “here” I’d like to share some of my family’s favorite outdoor artsy activities, which I hope will inspire and fill your days with fun!! If you have a favorite artsy outdoor project, you’re more than welcome to share it here!

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1) Create Bird Feeders

We love to feed the birds and watch them.  What better way than to create your own bird feeder?  There are so many fun ways to make on; this is a lovely twist on the traditional bird feeder from Saltwater Kids. You can even make these as summer gifts to share with friends and family.

2) Make Fairy Perfume 

This is fun for the girls, they’ll enjoy making their own rose petal fairy perfume using this recipe from Anna at The Imagination Tree!  We planted a number of lovely rose bushes in our garden last summer and I am hoping that we will have lots of  blooms this year! We have not had a chance to try this one yet but as soon as we have roses a plenty, we shall. Since my daughter has recently discovered Tinkerbell she really loves fairies, so I had to share this one though either way!

3) Have Fun with Tie Dye 

How about this oldie? I always loved tie dying things. What a fun way for the kids to make something that is all their own; a unique one of a kind shirt, bag, dress or skirt.  We love to collect plain and inexpensive skirts and shirts (whatever we can find) when we visit the local Goodwill store, so the kids can paint them. This is just one more way to have fun with art and enjoy the lovely weather outside.

4) Sidewalk Painting

This one is lots of fun! I saw it on the Kids Activities Blog: Fizzing Sidewalk Paint and I knew we just had to try it.  We put ours in squeeze bottles since all three kids love using these.  It was a little thick in the beginning but we managed to add some water and thin it out a bit. 

Since this gets a bit messy (my kids paint themselves along with whatever they may be painting) we had to spray them down a bit. The result when we did was that they also got all fizzy and bubbly.  My daughter thought that was the best and she said it tickles!

5)  Rock Painting!

We cannot have a nice day, that includes paint, without first going on a hunt for rocks and then painting them! Since we don’t like far from the lake and beach we tend to make this a fun day. Once the kids have their bags of rocks, we head for home so they can paint them. With washable paint of course.  My oldest son likes to try to make them look like different kinds of animals; my two little ones just enjoy finding the rocks and painting them.

6)  Spray Chalk

This one is lots of fun and the recipe is super easy to make and washes off easily!  This art project will keep the kids busy for most of the day if they are anything like mine. All you have to do is fill your spray bottles about 1/3 of the way with a baking soda and corn starch mixture, using equal amounts of both ingredients.  Add a few drops of food coloring or washable watercolors, and then fill the bottles with warm water.  Use a butter knife or stick to stir the mixture, and then place the spray spouts on and shake the bottles really well.  You will also want to shake the bottles again just before play, since some of the corn starch will settle a bit at the bottom of the bottle.

7)  Bubbles Art

Bubbles are always great fun and this is a fun recipe that smells great too! All you need to do is mix 1 cup of hot water with 2 TBSP of Karo syrup (we tripled this so we could have one for each of our three bubble lovers!)  We separated the liquid into three bottles, and then let the kids add 4 Tbsp of dish soap, 3-5 drops of food coloring and 1-2 drops of extract or essential oil (peppermint, orange and lemon were big hits here!). By the way, you can paint (think watercolor) with this stuff too!

8)  Ninja Balls

My little ninja’s were so excited to find these.  We all loved those squishy balls that we used to play with as kids, I think they were actually called Modellino?  Yet, they broke very easily!  Here you learn how to quickly make your own “Ninja Squishy Balls” at home. Check out the Tutorial here: He Filled A Balloon With Flour And Then Cut It – The Result? One That You Must Try This Summer!  This is great fun for the kids!

9)  Miniature Fairy Gardens

How about a miniature garden? In fact, most people call them fairy gardens. My oldest loves to plant flowers and help tend the vegetable garden every year, so he is excited to develop his very own miniature garden this year.  Landscaping is art! We plan to do this on a much smaller scale of course; perhaps using an old cake pan or getting a nice pot for my son to create in.

10)  Make Edible Art

Care to have a sand which with edible sand? We decided to make our own edible sand for sensory play. It was so simple & cheap I had to share it with you. This fun, colorful kids activity is fun to look at and play with! It is a great sensory activity kids can use to practice making letters, build or celebrate spring.

Just mix  2 cups of pure cane sugar (found next to regular sugar in the baking isle) and 10 drops liquid food coloring in a Ziploc bag.

Now shake up the bag to mix the colors.Allow this to dry completely to ensure food coloring doesn’t bleed on your child’s hands.  This is a fantastic texture for play and these grains of sugar look just like sand!  The colors come out super too – rainbow bright – my kids say. We use this for tracing letters and numbers, molding it to make a castle or turtle (because it holds just like real sand)!  It is fun and so pretty too!!

What are some of your favorite fun, artsy, things to do outside?

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