Beach Lapbook Elements

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The beach is a wonderful study for summertime homeschooling! As year round homeschoolers we take time to learn about things outside a lot during the short summer months here in Maine. We don’t get a lot of warm weather, so June-August we spend outside as much as possible! That means the few textbooks we use throughout the school year aren’t used much at all and we enjoy learning about nature and the world outdoors as much as possible!

We also like to travel to different places during the summer, so the beach is definitely one of favorite summertime homeschool destinations. Not only is a trip to the beach educational, but we always have a wonderful time together as a family making memories that will truly last a lifetime. The beach is my favorite place to be in the summer, as a Texas girl I love having the warm sand under my toes and the sun shining above me!

In order to continue homeschooling throughout the summer I try to make learning more fun than any other time of the year. We certainly have fun the rest of the year, but in the summer I do my best to stick to topics and subjects that I know my kids will love! As my children are getting older, they are working on learning how to research themselves and this works beautifully with child led homeschooling. One of my favorite ways to encourage my kids to research and have fun being creative is by using lapbooks. So, I decided that I would start creating lapbook elements covering topics and subjects that my children are interested in learning about. Summer has finally arrived, so I figured that beach lapbook elements would be the perfect place to start!

I knew that by creating these fun resources for my kids that I would also want to share them with you! Let me start of by answering a question that I’m sure you all have…

What is a lapbook elements pack?

Lapbook elements are perfect for middle schoolers as they require your children to do the research about the topic themselves and then record what they’ve learned using a file folder and the fun printables provided.

(Check out my Beach Unit Study here!)

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