Empathy is Important to Your Family

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If I were to ask your family, would they say that you really care about them? Would they be able to honestly tell me that you take time to truly understand each of them and their feelings?

We all love our families. I have no doubt. Some days loving our families is easier than others, but we love them just the same.

Yet, in the midst of the busy days and crazy schedules, sometimes we don’t have time (truthfully, we don’t TAKE or MAKE the time) to show that we really care about our spouse or children and their feelings.

Instead, we focus on what “needs” to be done and what we THINK we should be doing…when honestly we should be slowing down and spending time with our loved ones.

This is the last part of our A Season of Joy journey towards developing peace, joy and love in ourselves and our home. It is one that may not be easy for some and others may think it is unnecessary and state that their family members should know that they love them without this step because of all they do for them.

I encourage you to not stop short of completing this step, it will be worth it when you look back and say that you completed each step of this journey.

You can’t create a loving home just by pursuing it all by yourself. I encourage you take time to include them in this journey towards A Season of Joy with you by using at least one of the family activities from each step.

How to Pursue Love in Your Home

You can encourage empathy in your home by showing your family members that you care in ways they can see – visually, vocally and through action!

Learning to be empathetic is essential and it all starts with us – the parents!

Our children need to know and see that we care about what happens to them and around them. Our husbands need to be aware that we understand that they have tough days, process things differently and need time to decompress after work.

Being empathetic simply means that we care and consider how each member of our family feels, so it is important that we show we care in ways that our family members can see our empathy.

Activity Suggestions:
* When your children are having a rough day, put aside your to do list/tasks and just hold them or spend time just being with them.
* If your husband seems on edge when he gets home from work, give him some space and make sure to never lay out the whole day’s events as he walks through the door.
* When planning family events consider each family member and try to find an event/outing that everyone can enjoy in some way!

Get Your Free Family Outing Ideas Printable here

Showing your love to your family is important and there are so many different ways to do so! Just take time to consider what each family member enjoys/likes and let that be your guide!

It is hard to believe that our month long journey towards A Season of Joy has almost come to an end. Christmas is less than a month away and Lord willing we’ll be able to take what we’ve learned and cultivated this month all the way through the Christmas season…and even into the New Year!

Always remember that love is the greatest gift of all.

If you’d like more encouragement, tips and prayer for this journey, I would love to have you join me on a journey to A Season of Joy in my private Facebook group. 


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