Everyday Year Round Homeschooling Moments

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There are some days that we just need a break from the norm, whether it be from homeschooling, cooking, working or cleaning, breaks are needed. No one can go full bore 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is impossible and burnout is sure to find those who try to live this lifestyle.

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During the times that we or our children need a break from our normal homeschool schedule, there will still be everyday homeschooling moments! These are often the most inspiring and fun ways to encourage our children to learn!

On the days that we take “off” from homeschooling, we often find ourselves “homeschooling” without even realizing it.

Think about the last day you spent outside with your children…

Where does rain come from? What kind of bird flew by? How does a rainbow form?

What about the last trip you took to the bank?

Where does money come from? Why do we put our money in the bank? How does the bank keep our money safe?

All of those questions and the answers you give your children are everyday homeschooling moments! Our children’s questions provide simple everyday homeschooling moments! So, it is time that we pay close attention to what our children are asking and ensure that we answer them.

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Homeschooling doesn’t just happen when we’re using our curriculum of choice. Homeschooling happens through everyday moments just like these. We don’t have to constantly teach our children from textbooks or curricula in order to be homeschooling them, oftentimes the everyday homeschooling moments teach our children more than any curricula ever will.

It is important that as homeschool moms we do not get discouraged or avoid taking the breaks that we or our children need, because even though we may be taking a break from “schoolwork”, everyday homeschool moments will be part of our breaks!

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #17

Just for fun, take a break one day this week and keep track of all of the everyday homeschooling moments that come your way. You’ll be amazed to discover that your kids (and you!) are learning more than you thought every day!

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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