Hibernation Lapbook

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Hibernation is a fascinating study for your homeschool science class. When you’ve completed your study on hibernation, try creating a hibernation lapbook for more fun. 

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One of the things I wish I had done more with my children while homeschooling is lapbooking. I love looking back at the lapbooks that my kids created over the years. 

They bring a smile to my face as I recall the hours we spent together cutting, pasting, coloring and writing facts, questions, stories, etc. 

When my children were young, sleep was not something that they enjoyed doing. They were often up with the sun and down much later than sunset. 

As a mom, there have been times that hibernation sounded like a beautiful experience. Looking back now that my children are nearly grown, I wish I had slept less. 

Whether your little blessings love to sleep or not, hibernation is a fun study for science. Kids often don’t know about hibernation because they don’t see it happen. 

By completing a study on hibernation, they can begin to understand what it looks like, which animals hibernate, ask questions about hibernation and much more. 

Incorporating a hibernation lapbook into your study is not only fun for your kids, but will be a blessing to your mom heart in the years to come. 

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