Homeschool Study Topics for Election Years

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No matter what side of the aisle you are standing on, the upcoming election year is a great time to cover many topics pertaining to the US government. From how the president is elected to the various branches of government. There are many homeschool study topics for election years that can teach your child about how the election, our government and history work together.  

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You can use a combination of projects, copy work, games, dioramas, paintings, LEGO creations, reports, dramatic presentations, and powerpoint presentations to make it more hands-on. This will also make it more interesting for your children to learn about elections and the government in general.

I’ve put together a list of homeschool study topics for election years to help get you started. They can be used as jumping-off points to put together your own in-depth studies or as simple research topics for election years.

Homeschool Study Topics for Election Years


This is the perfect opportunity to dive into studies about past and current presidents.  

  • Draw a picture of a president.President's Day learning cards, President's Day learning, President's Day

  • Write a report about them.

  • Dress up like the president of their choice and give a presentation.

  • Make a “bust” with clay or playdough.

  • Learn the names of the presidents in order of service.

The Constitution

  • Memorize the Preamble to the Constitution.

  • Write the preamble for copywork.

  • How many amendments are there? List them.  

  • Who signed the constitution?

Government Buildings/Landmarks

Some are easily identifiable like the White House but others the kids may not know. Begin teaching them how to research by digging a little bit to learn about some lesser-known buildings too.  

  • Research and write a paper about their chosen building/landmark.

  • Choose a building or landmark and recreate it with LEGO.

  • Create a building or landmark in Minecraft.

  • Make a diorama of the street where the chosen building stands.

  • Identify where each landmark/building is on a map.

Local, State, and National Government

  • What are the responsibilities of each?

  • Who represents each of these?

  • What duties or laws overlap into more than one branch of government?

  • Take a field trip to your local city hall or capital building.

Election Day

Learn about the process of voting, how to register and where voting is held

  • Have mock votes – create election ballots, a ballot box and use a science board to create a private booth for voting.election day unit study, election day study, election day history, history of election day, election day lesson

  • Find out how often elections are held, how long a person can hold the office and what are the requirements to become president.

The Electoral College

  • How many votes does each state represent?

  • How is it decided how many electoral votes each state hold?

  • What percentage of the votes are needed for a candidate to win a state’s electors?

National symbols

Learn about the national symbols that represent our country. You can briefly cover each one or take a week to learn about the history of each. Make one or more of the national symbols out of cardboard or LEGO and teach your child to create a simple powerpoint presentation on them.


One of the most important lessons you can teach your child about being a good citizen is…

“You are free to choose, you are not free from the consequences of your choice.”

  • What is Citizenship?
  • What does it take to be a good citizen of the United States?

Political Parties

Research the different political parties – Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green.

  • Compare the party differences.

  • Have mock debates defending your stance.

  • Make a campaign poster for your chosen party. 

Branches of Government

Complete a study of the three branches of government- Judicial, Legislative, and Executive.

  • What part does each branch play?
  • How many members are in each branch?
  • Memorize or use the Oaths of each branch for copywork.

It is essential that we teach our children the importance of our government. They need to understand how our elections, government and Presidents work hand in hand to ensure that our country remains the land of freedom.

Our children are America’s future. What they learn in our homes will greatly impact the direction our country takes tomorrow. Prepare your children now to make a difference in tomorrow’s America. 

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