Indiana Road Trip Journal

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Your kids will have fun learning and stay busy while you’re on the road using this Indiana Road Trip Journal. 

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Were you aware that limestone was the state stone of Indiana? Did you know that the Empire State Building was built using limestone from Indiana?

Before you head out or start to virtually explore the state of Indiana, make sure your kids have learned all about Indiana. This Indiana State Study is a great place to start! There are also notebooking pages and a coloring pack that are fun additions to a study of the state of Indiana. 

Whether you make plans for field trips in Indiana or are just driving through the state there are so many things to see along the way! My Indiana Field Trip Guide can help find just the right places on your route. 

Next time you have a road trip planned grab a copy of this Indiana Road Trip Journal to keep your kids busy and learning while you’re on the road! Inside you’ll find writing prompts, Indiana state fact information pages, coloring pages, map activities and more!

You can print this as a booklet using your double-sided printing option or as a single-page journal!

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