Developing Patience Can Bring Peace

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Throughout this month we’re focusing on preparing for the Christmas season by developing peace, joy and love in our homes.

I am not taking this journey towards A Season of Joy lightly. This year I’m dedicated to having a Christmas focused on Christ. My children and I will be preparing our hearts together as we search God’s word, apply it to our lives and fill our homes with the peace, joy and love that He alone can provide.

As I prepared for this journey God laid on my heart that I needed to truly dig into the words; peace, love and joy. While I was considering how I was going to personally developing peace, love and joy in myself and my home, I found that within the individual letters of each of these words I could find further direction.

So, as part of this journey towards A Season of Joy we’ll start off by focusing on developing peace in ourselves and our home. During that time I’ll be sharing 5 ways that you can join me in pursuing a peaceful spirit and home.

The steps will be simple and I’ll be sharing a few activity ideas that you can use with your family to help pursue peace! It is my hope and prayer that by using the activities in your home you’ll encourage everyone in your family to pursue peace – that this wouldn’t be a journey that you’re on alone.

How to Pursue Peace in Your Home

You can cultivate peace in your home by ensuring that your family is patient with one another by allowing each other to finish speaking.

As parents we need to teach our children the importance of listening and not interrupting while building patience at the same time. Most importantly, we need to make sure that we are the example – what our children have to say is important too!

Our children need to know that we’re listening, if we fail to show them that we are paying attention to what they’re saying then they will eventually stop talking to us.

Activity Suggestions:
* Have a family meeting where every family member has the opportunity to be heard
* Spend half an hour one on one with each of your family members just talking
* Play the game “Telephone” as a family to show the importance of listening closely

Grab a Free Printable “Telephone” Game here

As you spend time with your family do your best to show patience through it all. Remember that when we’re striving to do something well, often we’ll be tried along the way. I’m praying that God gives you the strength you’ll need to develop patience as you pursue peace.

If you’d like more encouragement, tips and prayer for this journey, I would love to have you join me on a journey to A Season of Joy in my private Facebook group. 

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