The Truth About “Falling Behind”

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You’ve chosen to homeschool. YAY! You have a plan. WTG! Still, in the back of your mind, you’re wondering what if things don’t go as planned? What happens if your children begin “falling behind”…

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This is one of the questions that homeschool moms share with me the most. It is a legitimate concern because homeschooling is a considerable responsibility with significant commitment.

By choosing to homeschool your child, you’ve taken their education into your own hands. You are now responsible for their education.

However, no matter how well you plan or how strong the commitment from both you and your child, you need to accept and be prepared for the times that your children will not always complete their schoolwork when you think they should or when curricula say they should. 

This is completely normal and 100% ok. 

Over the years, I’ve had countless conversations with friends that were either public or private schooled themselves or had children in public and/or private school.

They’ve both told me that they and/or their kids have never finished their textbooks from front to back. Ever.

Go back and reread that ^^^…

There are many different reasons why children may not complete their school in the timeframe that you (or the publisher) had in mind. 

In my experience, there are a few specific reasons why things aren’t going as planned.

  • You were so excited about a new homeschool year that you over-planned your homeschool days (been there done that SO many times!)
  • The homeschooling method or curriculum, learning or homeschool style you’re using/following isn’t working (these quizzes might help!)
  • Your child needs additional instruction (we once spent 6 months learning fractions!)
  • The curriculum is not challenging enough or is too challenging (boredom = not challenging enough, frustration = too challenging)
  • Your child needs to be motivated (sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to get ‘er done!)

If you’re not sure why schoolwork isn’t being completed and none of the reasons I listed above fit your situation, it is time to put the books away and take a break

Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to see things how they really are.

Make time to talk with your kids about their schoolwork. Ask them specific questions to help you figure out what isn’t working. 

  • What do you like about our routine/schedule?
  • Where would you like to do school?
  • How would you arrange your school day?
  • Which subjects do you enjoy/dislike?
  • When would you like to start school each day?
  • How can I make school more fun for you?

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Throughout my years as a homeschool mom, there have been times I’ve pushed too hard and other times when I haven’t pushed my children enough. Thankfully, God is faithful. 

He called me to homeschool mom children. He made it possible. I’m blessed to say that he has seen both me and my children through, despite my wrong turns.

So, the truth is…

There is no such thing as falling behind

What you need to remember is that…

  1. Each child is unique and moves forward at the perfect time — God’s time
  2. A child’s emotional and mental growth is more important than their academic education
  3. Some years you’ll do less academically than others but see remarkable growth in other area(s)
  4. Less academically successful years are often followed by self-motivated significant academic years

It is so easy to get caught up in the academic side of homeschooling our children because that is how the world measures our success as homeschool moms/kids.


God doesn’t measure success the way the world does, so why should we?

Homeschooling is much more than academics. Relationships. Faith. Growth. Loving. Learning. Living.  

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