When Pushing On Is All You’ve Got

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I’m willing to bet that there are homeschool days when you’d rather crawl back into bed and stay there until it’s time for the kids to go to bed. In fact, I may have done the first half of that last week. Some homeschool days require more of us than others and while we’d like to just put the books away, sometimes it isn’t an option. For example, after a month off for the holidays you can’t just decide to not get back to homeschool because the first couple days back are difficult. So, truth be told, there are homeschool days when pushing on is all you’ve got. 

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Typically as year round homeschoolers we don’t take long extended periods of time off, so getting back to homeschooling isn’t usually a difficulty because there hasn’t been a significant length of time that’s passed since we homeschooled last. Life does happen though and families do need unexpected breaks at times. There have been a few instances that we’ve had happen in our home that caused us to have an extended, unexpected break in our year round homeschool. Each time coming back to homeschooling was not an easy task and pushing on was the only option.

As homeschool moms we must be determined. We must be ready to take on whatever challenges may come our way throughout our homeschool days. From schedules that need to be readjusted to spending weeks teaching a new concept before moving onto the next one, from changing your homeschooling method to not grading your child’s work anymore because they are perfectionists; homeschool moms must always be ready to adjust and refocus.

A homeschool mom’s ability to remain determined, adjust when necessary and be able to refocus quickly are keys to being able to successfully push on on the difficult homeschool days. 

Difficult homeschool days will come our way and we need to be prepared for them before they arrive. Throughout life there are many situations when we will have to just push on, homeschooling will be one of them. When your difficult homeschool days show up, don’t give in to feelings of failure or just throw your hands up in the air. The next time you find yourself having to push on because it’s all you’ve got, take time to remember and think about these things.

Yes, you already know it, but remembering the “WHY” behind our choice to homeschool is important and will help us push on through the difficult homeschool days.

  • Consider your homeschool daily schedule

Sometimes homeschool moms get over zealous and over plan our homeschool days. Other times we forget that our children only have a certain attention span and that it can change from day to day. If you’re hitting difficult homeschool days often, start by looking at your homeschool daily schedule.

  • Add more fun and hands-on learning activities

Educational games, quizzes, outdoor activities, documentaries and quality literature are just a few ways to incorporate more fun into your homeschool days. Kids can get bored doing the same thing over and over, try changing things up to help your homeschool days go more smoothly.

If you’re at a place where you’re just pushing on because it’s all you’ve got, know that you aren’t alone. Homeschool moms around the world make the same choice every day. There will be good homeschool days and there will be difficult homeschool days, we just have to remember the reasons why we chose to homeschool and continue to give our children the best education we possibly can. Our children need us to remain determined and dedicated to them on the good days, but even more so on the bad days. When pushing on is all you’ve got, you can do this. You are a homeschool mom.

How do you handle homeschool days when pushing on is all you’ve got?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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