Winter Journal

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A winter journal is a fun way to encourage your kids to write. You can incorporate art, nature, science and much more through journaling. 

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Ironically, while I love to write, I am a terrible journaler. I’ve lost track of how many times I have started a journal. 

Each time I start a new one with wonderful intentions, but after a couple of weeks of entries, life takes over and journaling stops yet again. 

I’ve saved each of the journals I’ve started over the years, in hopes that someday I will enjoy the dozen or so entries I made each year. 

For me, journaling was never part of my routine growing up. I didn’t keep even keep a diary as a teenager. 

I assume that because I didn’t journal when I was young, it never will become a priority in my always busy life. 

Yet, I do wish I could find more time (and motivation) to journal. Perhaps when both my children are grown and on their own?

One of my favorite things about homeschooling year round is that you have the opportunity to study each of the seasons while in the midst of them. 

In fact, that is why I created Year Round Homeschooling. To encourage homeschool moms to take advantage of the entire calendar year and the amazing learning opportunities found in all 365 calendar days. 

I created this winter journal in the hopes that you and your children will make it a habit to sit down together daily and write a bit throughout the winter season. 

For some of you, this will come easy. For others that struggle with journaling like me, I hope that the activity and journaling prompts will help you get started. 

Inside this Winter Journal, you’ll find journaling pages in 3 different styles for Kindergarten through High School, weather trackers, calendars and more for each of the months falling in the winter season; December, January, February and March.

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