The Story of Easter Unit Study

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Each time a holiday approaches I do my best to ensure that before we partake in the fun festivities that we talk about the real meaning for the holiday. However, when it comes to Easter, we don’t do the “normal” at all. You won’t find bunnies, eggs or chicks as part of our celebration. Why? There aren’t any bunnies, eggs or chicks found anywhere in the real Easter story.

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When we celebrate holidays that have a Biblical history it is important to me that my children can make the connection to the fun part of the celebrations to the real meaning of the holiday. If the fun can’t be connected, then it isn’t part of our holiday celebration. I believe it is essential that our children learn the holiness of Easter. That is why I put together The Story of Easter Unit Study this year. I didn’t want to just read them the story from the Bible, I wanted to make it part of our homeschool journey.

It is my prayer that The Story of Easter Unit Study will not only be helpful to you, but that it will also make the story come to life for your kids. I’ve compiled all of the resources you’ll need to complete a unit study on the story of Easter.

Below you’ll find links to the Scripture passages to read aloud to your kids, movies that they can watch that retell the story (with enough great options for lunch time throughout the week before Easter), art depicting the Easter story, poetry and music about the story of Easter, crafts, printables and more!

The Story of Easter Unit Study Resources

Read The Easter Story

Matthew 28

Mark 16

Luke 24

John 20

The Story of Easter Videos 

The Story of Easter in Art

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Agony of the Garden by Andrea Mantegna

The Betrayal of Christ by Ugolino di Nerio

The Mond Crucifixtion by Raphael

The Resurrection by Jacopo di Cione and workshop

The Resurrection of Christ by Allan T. Kohl

Noli me Tangere by Titian

The Supper at Emmaus by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Easter Fine Art Pages (Free through March 31st!)

The Story of Easter in Poetry

The Easter Story

The Resurrection by M.S.Lowndes

Jesus Rose to Life by John R. Cross

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection by Naomi Ruth O’Shea

The Resurrection of Our Lord by Cobblestone Bible Ministries

Resurrection by Mercy

The Story of Easter in Music

Hallelujah! Sounds of Hope from the Resurrection (Music Study)

Kids Easter Medley (Video)

Remember Me (Video)

Simple Kids Easter (Video)

On That First Easter (Video)

The Story of Easter Crafts

Easter Resurrection Day Craft

Salvation Object Lesson and Craft

Easter Felt Craft

Salt Dough Tomb Craft

Where is Jesus? Magic Watercolor

Resurrection Craft

Easter Story Bracelets

Playdough Mountain 

Easter Story Stones

The Story of Easter Printables

Easter Scripture Handwriting Pack for PreK-Kindergarten

Easter Scripture Manuscript Handwriting Pack

Easter Scripture Cursive Handwriting Pack

Easter Writing Prompts for Middle and High School (coming soon!)

Easter Blessings Fun Pack

Resurrection Day Coloring Pages

Resurrection Day Puzzles & Activities

Resurrection Day Activity Placemats

Resurrection Day I Spy

Resurrection Day Playdough Mat

Resurrection Day Emergent Readers

Resurrection Day Writing Prompts

Easter Bible Story Mega Pack

Additional Resources for Teaching The Story of Easter

Teaching Christ as the Focal Point of History

The Story of Easter Books

Passion of the Christ Movie (Intense and Graphic – Recommended for High School Students Only)

What was your kids’ favorite part of the story of Easter unit study?

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