Free Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

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Preschool homeschooling should be filled with fun, interactive educational activities that little ones can enjoy! There are a lot of free Preschool Homeschool Curriculum options to help keep you from breaking the bank!

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Little ones are often ready to start learning long before we even begin thinking about their education. It is important for parents to balance preschoolers’ play vs. formal education time. Children grow up quickly and we need to ensure that we allow them the opportunity to be kids for as long as possible. Preschool homeschooling gives our littlest learners the ability to learn and play in the comfort of their own home – at their own pace.

You can homeschool on a budget, I’ve been doing so for 10 years. When my children were little, I didn’t spend much on preschool or Kindergarten homeschool curriculum. To help you see that you can homeschool preschool frugally, I’ve rounded up free preschool homeschool curriculum for you to check out!

Free Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

This Reading Mama designed a reading program for preschoolers that already know the alphabet and letter sounds. Each lesson includes an emergent reader, puzzles, tracing/handwriting activities, sight words and much more.

This All-in-One reading program features lesson plans, books and activity books written and created specifically for the program. The program begins with the alphabet and progresses through to beginner, intermediate and advanced phonics.

Getting Ready 1 is for children learning their alphabet and phonetic sounds while Getting Ready 2 is for preschoolers ready to read with phonics. You’ll find lesson plans, 100+ page printable pack, supply lists and much more. The online version of this curriculum is free, but is also available in print if you’d rather have it on hand.

Motherhood on a Dime designed a full Bible-based preschool curriculum that follows a 28-week lesson plan. You’ll find Bible reading, projects, letter/number activities, life skills, book bag and learning bags included in each weekly lesson plan.

Children beginning the Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum should already know and recognize all the letters of the alphabet. The curriculum is designed to last 26 weeks and includes lesson plans, book lists, activities and much more!

This program features 5 years of early childhood learning for children ages 1-5. Years 1 and 2 are play-based with an introduction to Bible, sign language and academic learning. Children who already can say their ABCs and can count from 1-10 are ready for Year 3. It features a chronological Bible study and encourages learning through play. Year 4 is for children that will be entering Kindergarten the following year. Children will learn about the Fruits of the Spirit and character traits through songs, memorization and the study of Bible characters.

This 26-week program focuses on morning board, group and workbox activities.  Children who complete this program should recognize all basic upper and lower case letters, basic shapes and colors, U.S. coins, demonstrate basic reasoning skills and much more! Each weekly lesson includes a printable lesson plan and activity pack.

The Starfall program includes 7 units with 25 weekly lesson plans, activities, online games and much more! Weekly lesson plans include morning activities, circle and storytime. If you find you like this program it continues through to 2nd grade!

The Sight and Sound Reading Curriculum follows a 120-day lesson plan. The program includes an app, daily lesson plan emails, a 100+ page workbook and a Facebook group. The Teacher’s Manuals and Workbooks are also available through Amazon if you’d prefer to have them on hand.

You can try out The Peaceful Preschool program by downloading the Letter A Unit to see if it works for your child. The program runs for 26 weeks and includes a parent guide with daily activities, a printable pack featuring the alphabet, numbers and craft patterns and themed recipes for each week’s lesson.

The Joyful Heart Character is a character-based curriculum for children ages 4-6 and includes literacy, math, and science activities all based on biblical character qualities. This is a 36 week program with two weeks of review and includes weeks focused on holidays. Each week includes fully lesson plans and printable activities.

The preschool curriculum is theme-based and includes lesson plans and printable activity pages and is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Some of the themes are community workers, transportation, seasons, and health and nutrition. Many of these themes are also available in Spanish.

The Primary Parade offers 20 unit study based preschool activities that are flexible and can be used as daily, weekly, or even monthly activities. Themes include season, holidays, and community workers. Each theme has several activities to support the them including songs and rhymes, art projects, books, and fun activities.

Reading the Alphabet is a free PreK reading curriculum that is in 31 units that teach letter recognition and and common letter combinations. Each lesson provides letter cards, introduces sight words, and fun activities.

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What are your favorite free preschool homeschool curriculum and/or resources?


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