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I love to involve my children in every part of our homeschooling. From planning to selecting curriculum, to buying school supplies and much more!

Since it is their education I believe that it’s important that they have a say in much of what they learn and I want them to understand how much prep goes into a homeschool year.

Homeschool Planning Family Fun - By Misty Leask

By allowing my children to learn how to plan, shop and prepare for a new homeschool year I am teaching them many life skills that they’ll need throughout their life. From organization to budgeting, to planning and dedication, my children are learning more than they realize by being part of the yearly homeschool planning process!

Over the years I’ve worked to make this process fun for my kids. After all, if they aren’t experiencing homeschooling it isn’t really fun for them.

These are some of the ways we have fun with homeschool planning as a family!

  • We purge the school bookshelf and reorganize it when we’re finished planning
  • Each child selects online courses from Schoolhouse Teachers
  • We sort through all of the unused homeschool curriculum we have on hand to select things they’d like to use this year
  • Each child selects literature for monthly book reports from our extensive library
  • We create a school supply shopping list together
  • Each child shops the Build Your Bundle Sale to select curriculum they’d like to use this year
  • We plan weekly and monthly fun and educational activities to do together throughout the year
  • Together we plan our daily line up and our weekly homeschool schedule
  • The kids picked a school name, mascot, school colors and they designed a school flag

I haven’t always allowed my children to help plan our homeschool year, but the last few years as we’ve been moving toward a child led homeschooling method I knew it was an important step to take. I don’t want my children to feel disconnected from their learning, I want them to be inspired and to truly love learning!

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The more our children are actually a part of their entire homeschool journey the more they will enjoy it! 

We need to get away from the average school mindset of handing our children their textbooks on the first day of school and teaching from them for 180 days and calling the school year done. Our children’s education needs to be filled with learning experiences that they’ll never forget!

What part of homeschool planning do your kids enjoy doing with you?

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