Impromptu Year Round Homeschooling Opportunities

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Homeschool moms like to plan and sometimes we plan too much. Our desire is that we give our children the best education possible, so we have to ensure we take all of the steps necessary to accomplish that goal. While planning is a necessary part of homeschooling, we have to allow for some flexibility in order for our homeschool to provide experience opportunities.

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One of the best impromptu year round homeschooling opportunities are field trips! Every day we have different things that must be done, errands we have to run, meetings that take place, etc. Each of these daily tasks provide opportunities for a field trip!

There are so many impromptu field trip opportunities, many of which we don’t see because they are often on our to-do list. As homeschoolers we need to use them to educate our children and teach them life lessons along the way!

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  • Going grocery shopping is a great impromptu field trip! Use this opportunity to teach your child life skills like; responsibility, creating lists, budgeting, etc. Adding in science and math lessons is really easy at the grocery store too! Your kids will have fun helping you prepare for this field trip and they’ll be learning while you’re shopping!
  • While at the doctor’s office you can discuss anatomy, science, careers and more! If you ask your child’s pediatrician or nurse, I’m sure they’d be happy to share a bit about their career with your child which they could then use in a report for school.
  • Trips to the bank provide great lessons for math, budgeting, savings, etc. Allowing your child to open a savings account at your local bank is also a great way to teach your child social skills and good behavior in public.
  • Hiking is a great way to break up your homeschool day and provides a lot of learning opportunities along the way! Trees, birds, bugs, flowers, wildlife all wait to be discovered by hikers each day! Make it a game and see who can be the quietest and discover all that nature has to offer!

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #16

No matter what impromptu homeschool opportunity comes your way, embrace it! Each day we’re provided with countless lessons we can teach our children, when we use these to our advantage we’ll be improving our children’s balanced education!

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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