What to Do With Unused Homeschool Curriculum

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Homeschool moms love homeschooling curriculum. It is a fact. The truth is that many homeschool moms even refer to themselves as homeschool curriculum junkies. We love to research, purchase, use and save homeschool curriculum and come the next homeschool year we’re ready to do it all over again…if we can wait that long. 

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Yet, the difficulty that comes with being a homeschool curriculum junkie is that we often we end up with unused homeschool curriculum and still we buy more.

Homeschool moms go into each homeschool year with the best of intentions, great lessons plans, the year mapped out in our planners and devoted to completing each page of every curriculum we’ve purchased. Then life sets in.

So, at the end of the year, there are countless unit studies, textbooks, lapbooks and printables that we were excited to use, but we had over planned our homeschool days. We forgot to pencil in life between each subject, flexibility was not part of our homeschool plans and now we’re staring at piles of unused homeschool curriculum…full of lessons, experiments and discoveries we wanted to show our children.

We find ourselves thinking…what do we do with all this amazing unused curriculum at the end of the year?!

Fact: You don’t have to get rid of last year’s unused homeschool curriculum!

Fact: You can use it for the upcoming homeschool year!

There is no reason to get rid of something you want to use!

If your kids seem to be a bit ahead of the curriculum now, it is easy to add in worksheets, research projects, book reports and more to bring it up to their learning level!

Using the homeschool curriculum you purchased last year is a great way to stay on budget for this year or even better, it can save you money!

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Sometimes there is a reason a particular curriculum went unused, if it didn’t work for your family, you found it difficult to use as the teacher or your kids didn’t enjoy it…don’t automatically plan to use it next year. Set it aside for a time, then go through it again to see if your homeschool is ready to take it on and ask your children to look through it again. Often our children go through changes within a year and what didn’t interest them last year does this year and as our children grow certain types of curriculum can become easier to manage as a homeschool mom.

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #22

Don’t waste money on more curriculum that may go unused, use what you have on hand and purchase only the curriculum that you need to get for next year’s homeschooling.

You can still be a homeschool curriculum junkie, simply keep track of all the curriculum that you’d like to use in the future. Then when you’ve successfully used all of your “old” homeschool curriculum, you have a brand new list to help you start purchasing the next year’s homeschool curriculum!

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