Free Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

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As you begin planning to homeschool your children in elementary grades, there are a lot of free and frugal options that you can use along the way. These Free Elementary Homeschool Curriculum options can keep you from breaking the bank!

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Homeschooling elementary students is a lot of fun! Once they’ve learned how to read and write, it makes tackling subjects like literature, science and history easier and more fun.

As a frugal homeschool mom, I spend time looking for free curriculum options each year before I make any purchases. I’ve discovered some amazing resources that both my children and I have thoroughly enjoyed by doing so.

I’ve been able to homeschool for free many times because I did take time to research. If you’re still looking for the right resources for your homeschool year, I encourage you to check out these free elementary homeschool curriculum options. You might find just what you’re looking for and save money too!

Free Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

An all-in-one elementary homeschool curriculum’s lesson plans that are online, but it does have printables for you to print as well. It uses only free resources to cover reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, math, history/social studies/geography, science, Spanish, Bible, computer, music, art, PE/health, and logic.

This free online-based homeschool curriculum is based on Charlotte Mason. You’ll utilize their book lists to cover history, literature, poetry, geography, and science. The only subjects you’ll need to find elsewhere are math and foreign language.

A free, online-based, secular homeschool curriculum that integrates STEM and the Arts without the use of any textbooks and requires no lesson planning.

The benefits of a homeschool co-op without the travel or costs they typically require. You’ll find live online class options and go at your own pace classes for all subjects and electives for free!

This one-year unit study-based curriculum teaches nearly every subject with a mission-based focus. You’ll need to add a math curriculum to this resource for a complete homeschool year.

The curriculum is organized by grade level and subject. You’ll find lesson plans, online resources and recommendations for additional curriculum options and more on this site.

Under the Home is a free Charlotte Mason inspired online-based homeschool curriculum for grades 1-5, covering all major subjects as well as additional subjects such as music, art, prose, and more. 

Through this site, your students can learn Math, Science, Writing, Spelling and much more at their own pace.

Each year is broken down into 36 weeks of lesson plans that feature activities, games, blackline resources, material lists and more.

This math curriculum resource is broken down into 36 weeks of lesson plans that include activities, games, blackline resources, material lists and more.

There are thousands of free interactive math lessons for your students to use with unlimited practice. The immediate feedback provided helps to build confidence and prevents incorrect learning methods.

Free Math offers lessons and worksheets for grades 1-5. 27 lessons are offered for each grade, and each lesson has 4-5 worksheets. Lessons are organized according to each math discipline so that it is useful as a curriculum or as a supplement to a curriculum you are already using.

They provide free elementary math lessons for your students to use. As your kids get older there are more free lessons covering history, science, computing, engineering, etc.

There are free lessons for math and reading for your elementary students to use for practice. They do offer a paid version of their site with more resources if you find that this program works well for your kids.

With over 400 free elementary grammar lessons this is a great resource for your homeschool! They do offer a print and ebook option if you’d prefer to have a physical resource.

Plain and not so plain is a free PDF math, language arts, Bible, and life skills curriculum for grades 1-9.  Also offered are spelling sheets for left-handed children. Recommendations are offered for reading, science and history. To avoid printing the entire curriculum, a printed version is offered on Amazon.

A simple sign-up gives you access to a free PDF that includes free lesson plans and a study guide to teach American History to your elementary students.

This American History curriculum is geared towards your 2nd-6th grade students and uses a literature approach to teaching. You’ll find a daily schedule, book lists, study guides and much more for you to use with your kids.

Magic School Bus provides fun ways to teach science to your elementary students. These free unit studies are based on the books and cover Biology, Animal Science, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and much more!

The student and parent copies of this elementary science course are available for free as PDFs. You can download them by chapter or unit. There are several other science curricula options available for purchase if you like this resource.

This free science curriculum is broken down into 6 different units that include lesson plans and student workbook PDFs.

Your budding artists will love these free art classes that feature lessons covering basic drawing, oil pastels, watercolor, collage, printmaking and much more!

These art lessons are perfect for your non-artistic students and your little artists alike! Your students will have the opportunity to study Mary Cassatt, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Norman Rockwell and many more!

Teach history, science, geography, art, music, math and language arts with these music-based unit studies. There are unit studies for Peter and the Wolf, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Handel and more!

You can use these resources with or without a free account to teach spelling and vocabulary. A free account allows you to change lists, have them saved and record results.

Your kids will have fun with spelling and vocabulary using the 10,000+ word lists and 40+ learning games on this site. You can use this resource on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Literature and Math lessons, games, quizzes and timelines are all available for grades 1-5 homeschooling here.

This free geography curriculum is part of Project Gutenberg. It is broken down into 45 lessons covering subjects such as; wind, sun, flowers, seasons, rivers, maps and much more!

Master geography with your 3rd Graders+ using this free PDF that is downloadable in 2 parts. There are weekly lesson plans to use while studying different parts of the world over a 7 month period.

There are more than 30 languages that your kids can learn online using this free foreign language curriculum. The lessons feature fill-in-the-blanks, speaking, spelling and more activities to teach.

Your children will learn how to type well with this free interactive typing tutor program that features 30 online lessons.

Additional Free Elementary Homeschool Resources

Ancient Egypt Class 

Snails and Slugs Science Unit

Intro to Game Programming

Mega Math Learning Pack

Scientific Method Mini Journal

Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op

What are your favorite free elementary homeschool curriculum and/or resources?

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