How to Plan a Year Round Homeschool Day

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Homeschooling requires planning and when a homeschool mom gets new school books, the excitement to plan the upcoming homeschool year takes over her!

The love of preparing for the next homeschool year often causes homeschool moms to forget that our children have a certain attention span and they need to have time just to be kids. The result of us forgetting these two important facts is that we tend to over plan our homeschool days and fill them to the brim (or overflowing!) with lessons, activities, experiments and more!

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When we don’t take into consideration that our children (and US!) need some down time every day, we will soon discover that they won’t be as engaged or inspired to learn. Overfilled homeschool days will not help us with the things that homeschool moms need most. Things like peace and unity will not be found in our homeschool days when we over plan them.

As year round homeschoolers we don’t have to worry about how we’re going to get everything done in a school year. We have 365 days to use for homeschooling, so the stress of finishing all of our plans for the homeschool year is diminished, if not eliminated entirely.

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It’s imperative that we remember that our children need to not only have breaks throughout the school day, but also that they have time every day to just be kids. When we over plan our homeschool days, we’re denying them the opportunity to learn from every day life, which is one of the great benefits to homeschooling our children.

It is essential that we allow our children to get outside and learn by playing and enjoying the world outside. Some of the most important lessons that children learn are discovered while they’re playing. Things that our children will discover while they are playing will encourage and inspire them to want to learn more during their homeschool days! Especially if we allow them to lead their own homeschool journey, using a child led homeschooling method!

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #3

For these reasons (and more!) we must ensure that we do not over plan our homeschool days. Our children must have the opportunity to grow outside of what they will learn from a textbook or a lesson plan. They need to discover the world around them and learn from doing things themselves. By allowing them to experience life and learn from those experiences they will grow to be confident, self starters who will succeed at whatever their future holds.

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