Slow Down Your Homeschool

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We tend to get caught up in the schedule and lesson plans that either our curriculum has or that we create as homeschool moms. While it is important that we ensure our children stay on track with their education and that we don’t take more breaks than we have school days, sometimes we need to just slow down.

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Our kids may be completing the lessons that are on today’s planner, but are they truly grasping the new concept or are we merely pushing through to check the lesson off the list?

Are our children interested in a different aspect of the subject they’re studying, but we don’t want to chase a rabbit trail even if it creates more opportunities for our kids to learn?

These are key examples of homeschool moments where you must slow down your homeschool. 

Choosing to slow down your homeschool doesn’t mean you stop progressing. Slowing down your homeschool means that your kids have time to explore and research! 

When we choose to slow down our homeschool, we give our children more opportunities to explore everyday homeschool moments, to learn life lessons and to truly experience homeschooling.

Each homeschooling journey is unique, but when any homeschooler takes time to slow down their homeschool they will be refreshed, encouraged and their children will be more inspired to learn!

Homeschool moms feel a lot of pressure to ensure they’re giving their kids a the best, balanced education that is available, but we often forget that there is SO much more to education than what you learn in a textbook/schoolwork.

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No matter what subject or topic you’re covering in your homeschool, you can always explore and research more than what you’re doing right now. Take the time to teach your kids how to look beyond what is directly in front of them, show them how to discover more than what meets the eye, allow them the opportunity to research online, outdoors, in literature, from movies, etc. There is ALWAYS more to learn, feed your child’s desire to learn by giving them the chance to learn about what they’re interested in!

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #18

Our kids will be more willing to learn what they NEED to learn when we allow them freedom to learn about their interests! 

Exploration and research are important processes that our kids will need throughout their lives, we need to teach them how to use these skills as part of their homeschool journey! I encourage you to take time to slow down your homeschool (this week?!) and give your kids the opportunity to learn how to explore and research!

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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