Homeschooling High School Series

As we grew closer to the high school years, I began to be anxious because once again I found myself not able to find much online like when I began homeschooling year round. So, this year, I decided that I wanted to help homeschool moms that are in the same situation by hosting a series on Homeschooling High School!

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I’m so thankful to have several homeschool moms that are either currently homeschooling high school or have homeschooled through high school joining me this month.

I’m still in the trenches of homeschooling high school and have another student less than 2 years away from high school, so I’m being blessed right along with y’all! These homeschool moms are sharing their hearts, encouraging you to see the blessing homeschooling high school can be, how to do it well and giving you tips and resources along the way!

Each week throughout this month there will be several new posts featuring encouragement, tips and resources for homeschooling high school. It is my hope that you’ll be as encouraged as I have been as I edited and scheduled each of these posts.

Free Resources, Encouragement and Tips.